Professional Portfolio

Presidential and Gubernatorial Inaugurals

Inaugurals are among the most complex and high-stakes occasions to produce. The security considerations impact every level of planning. The number of state, national and world leaders in attendance makes flawless VIP management critical. Multi-dimensional ceremonies, simultaneous balls and celebrations, and moving upwards of one million people demand logistical plans that are extraordinarily complicated. Often, inaugural events must also be produced as television events for worldwide audiences. And with only three months between Election Day and Swearing-In, inaugurals are planned and executed in a matter of weeks.

Kate Fee has specialized experience producing presidential and gubernatorial inaugurations. The following are highlights of her track record of success producing these history-making events.

2017 Presidential Inauguration Concert

In honor of the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, a televised concert was held at the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool. The event hosted the President-elect and incoming First Family, military bands, and a series of speakers and entertainers scheduled to perform for more than 140,000 people. Kate coordinated with key agencies to plan the event’s build out, vehicle traffic and pedestrian flow. Together with the National Park Service, National Park Police, Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department and the U.S. Secret Service, Kate determined what was feasible for the crowd size, and access for guests, VIPs, entertainers, and dozens of vendors. Due to the national focus of the event and high-profile participants, Kate also worked with these agencies to prepare for an extraordinary situation occurring outside the boundaries of standard operational procedures.

Presidential and Gubernatorial Inaugurals (Cont.)

2013, 2009 Presidential Inaugural Balls

In 2013, Kate oversaw the entire Walter E. Washington Convention Center, which hosted the official inaugural balls. Kate managed a team of more than XX staff and volunteers to coordinate the XX simultaneous balls that featured world-renowned entertainers, over 45,000 guests, and the highest-level VIPs, including the President and First Lady of the United States. In 2009, Kate oversaw six of the official balls, including the Neighborhood Ball broadcast live on network television.

2014, 2010, 2006 Virginia Gubernatorial Inaugurations

Commonwealth of Virginia, serving as the senior leader in charge of scenic décor and infrastructure for inaugural events held at Richmond Convention Center, Williamsburg University, and tangential celebrations in Norfolk and Hampton Roads. She also created the setting for the First Ladies Brunches and 2010 Military Ball. Kate oversaw the strategy of the designs, which considered the best possible layout for accommodating the maximum number of guests, the flow of events, and audio-visual needs. She managed teams of staff and worked with selected Virginia-based vendors for executing the strategy. Kate also created traveling roadshows that brought the history-making events to smaller venues across the state.

2007 Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Inauguration

Kate brought her experience with scenic design and infrastructure planning to the Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Inaugural Ball in 2007. Again, Kate assisted the inaugural committee with developing concepts for how to achieve the desired look and feel of the event in a way that also supported a positive and safe guest experience. She was also brought on to provide décor and site infrastructure for the outdoor inaugural ceremony, held on the steps of the Pennsylvania Capitol Building in Harrisburg.

2016 MCON at the National Geographic Museum

Every year, MCON brings together millennials who want to evoke social change. The 2016 conference hosted at the National Geographic Museum included more than 20 speakers; two and a half days of sessions; three off-site receptions; dozens of volunteers; and 700 leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs.

For five months, Kate Fee collaborated with organizers as the lead event producer working directly with the Achieve Agency to manage logistics from pre-planning through completion. Kate’s role included: venue coordination; budget management; oversight of the technical team; sponsor coordination; scenic décor; schedule development; pre-planning for three off-site receptions; and onsite execution.

The conference was so well received that organizers opted to return to Washington, DC the following year and, for the first time, sold out the entire conference.

2015 & 2017 National Math Festivals

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute held its first ever National Math Festival in Washington, DC in 2015. The Festival hosted more than 50 speakers, dozens of hands on activities, midway style carnival games, live performances, 15 different lecture series, hundreds of volunteers, and 20,000 participants.

Sought for her expertise with outdoor events, Kate Fee served as a production manager for activities taking place at the Ripley Center and Smithsonian’s Haute Garden. Kate worked hand-in-hand with Smithsonian personnel to ensure the logistics of the event followed the strict guidelines set forth by the prestigious institution. Additionally, Kate coordinated logistics with each of the activity presenters, developed graphics and signage, created a production schedule, and managed onsite execution.

Kate Fee Productions was contracted again for the 2017 Festival with an expanded role that included direct oversight of 30 people who managed crowds and monitored the Festival activities. The event had to be relocated to a larger venue in anticipation of a growth in crowd size.

Marketing Experiences for Westfield

In 2016, the Westfield Corporation – an international developer of flagship shopping locations for the world’s leading brands – sought to enhance the visitor experience at retail centers in the greater Washington, DC area.

Kate Fee Productions was hired to bring to life engaging events and classic holiday scenes that would draw visitors to the shopping centers. For the last two years, Kate has produced a series of experiences of the highest quality to match the gold standard held by Westfield properties. She has managed and coordinated teams of event and marketing professionals to successfully produce the following occasions for Maryland locations.

  • 2017 / 2016 Holiday Nutcracker performances in Annapolis
  • 2017 / 2016 Santa Set design, staging and production in Wheaton
  • 2017 Montgomery in Bloom, a four-week installation and interactive floral exhibition
  • 2017 Family Game Night, a seven-month series of events in Annapolis
  • 2017 WheArtHere, a graffiti installation with live paintings in Wheaton
  • 2017 Shakespeare in Montgomery, a four-week Behind the Scenes look at theater with a focus on Shakespeare
  • 2017 Anne Arundel County STEM Festival
  • 2017 Montgomery Moments, a celebration of classic window displays
  • 2016 Customer Appreciation Event in Montgomery

International Summits

International Summits are more than just conferences. They draw some of the most diverse and highest-profile participants of any event. While in session, they are the focal point of the global community. Each summit is a diplomatic moment that shapes international relationships and plays out in real time on the world stage. For summit producers, the planning must be meticulous. Protocol, security and the need to provide a flawless experience demands an extraordinary attention to detail and an unfailing ability to produce the desired result.

Kate Fee is among a select few event planners who have been trusted to produce these meticulous and consequential events. She has served in senior roles for massive summits drawing thousands of participants, to intimate meetings between the most powerful leaders in the world. Her portfolio includes the following:

2014 U.S.-Africa Summit

Kate managed a broad range of elements for the 2014 summit. As a senior producer, she oversaw the event’s décor, state-of-the-art audiovisual set-up, and logistics for the event’s custom installation within the office building of the U.S. Department of State. Kate was also called upon for her outdoor production experience, serving as the point person for tenting the exterior spaces.

2012 G8 Summit at Camp David

When the eight most influential leaders in the world gathered at Camp David, Kate was hired to oversee execution of the global meeting. The world leaders each traveled with accompanying delegations, adding additional logistical considerations to the high-pressure meeting. Kate managed elements including, XXXX.

2010, 2009 Nuclear Security Summits

In 2010, Kate oversaw all event logistics for the nuclear summit held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. Historically, this summit comes with some of the highest security concerns of any occasion in the nation’s capital. Kate provided seamless coordination between her staff, vendors and the multiple security and intelligence agencies involved in preparing for the summit. In 2009, Kate provided logistical support for the same event, this time held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The Nuclear Security Summits included more than 50 world leaders, 50 top cabinet members, 3,000 delegates and 15,000 members of the media.